Bed Time Success

For a while now I’ve joked with new dad friends, that I’ve ruined my child when it comes to bed time. As each parent does, I have a special connection with Eve and have always been able to knock her out when it came to bed time. Maybe it’s because I’m fat and have a round, cooshee belly, or it’s the immense heat that I produce. Who knows, it’s our thing though. So, as she’s been growing up my philosophy is simple, “If it works, why change it?”

Well, now that Eve is inching up to 2 1/2 years old it would be nice to say “It’s bed time” and put her down and leave the room.

Tonight, it happened! Mommy left Daddy in charge 😛 and so we did a little Sophia the First and then headed up to bed. At first Eve was NOT having it, but after a short discussion we made it upstairs. We got into our PJs, had our puffer, brushed out teeth, said our prayers, grabbed bunny and assumed the position.

I rocked her for about 10 minutes and all she did the entire time was play with my beard. So, I said to myself…”Enough is enough” I slowly stood up, made my way over to the crib, laid her down and softly said, “Good night, I love you”. She softly replied “I love you too dadda, don’t close door”

Ok dads, I don’t care what you say, that kills me every time. I will always remember back to when Eve first started to speak, I said to my brother in law “I love when she says dadda” He told me quickly, just wait until your kids say I love you. Eve has become a little parrot, as most kids do, and when I say I love you I get various responses back “I love you”, or “I love you too” or the best (my wife and I have been saying this to each other for 15 years) “I love you more”

All that to say, I stood over her crib and welled up as her little voice told me she loved me too, waited a second and slowly walked out, leaving the door open as requested. I never heard a peep, movement, nothing. 10 minutes later, turned on the video monitor and she is fast asleep. SCORE!!! YES!!!

That’s pretty much it for me today. It’s been a long week and I’m excited to get back to work. I just felt like blogging about my small victory, and the hope that maybe I haven’t messed my daughter up that badly 😛 LOL… Parenting is an adventure, and I’m sure sure who is learning more form who. Kids are so smart, and so honest and there is something to that. I feel like that gets lost so quickly, and aren’t we called to have a “Childlike faith”.

All of a sudden I feel a sermon coming on, so I’m cutting it off there.

The adventure continues….