Aren’t kids fun

Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new about my daughter and for that matter, myself.

Dealing with her being sick over this past week allowed me to find out that children’s Gravol, which typically causes drowsiness, causes my daughter to become hyper. Have you ever seen, hyper, sick, and whiney all at the same time?? It’s not pleasant.

So, tonight was something new. I got home from work, and I wasn’t feeling well. I laid on the couch while dinner was served and half way through my daughter started bringing me glasses of water. Ahhh… so sweet…

Dinner quickly came to a close and turned on some music on my iPhone. Eve quickly decided that she needed to have my phone and we played (she played) a game of keep away. Now, this got old fast and she was getting frustrated. Did I mention that I was laying on the couch and she was climbing mount daddy and jumping off, over and over and over. Then it happened. As we were playing she, out of the blue, bit me. I was shocked, and it hurt.

I jumped up and had a million reactions run through my head. I ended up raising my voice and well, she fell to pieces. As I sat there, stunned, she ran upstairs to mom and I quickly followed.

I explained what had happened and we agreed that Eve had to apologize. In walks daddy’s pig headedness. For 45 minutes we worked her like a prisoner in an interrogation room. She wasn’t budging. There was no way that she was going to say sorry. So, without going into all the intimate details, she was put into her pjs and the evening was done until she was ready to apologize.

I ended up going out but at about the 90 minute mark my cellphone rang and there was my daughter (with my wife’s help) “I’m sorry Daddy”.

We won! I feel like this is only the first of many battles but I also feel confident that Sue and I were on the same page, and didn’t give in. We held our ground, and in the end, the apology was delivered and all was right in the world.

When I got home Sue came out and said Eve would like to see me for a moment; in the dark, she walked over and gave me a hug and again, said I’m sorry, I love you. The lump in my throat was so big, I just about burst into tears. Big hugs all around and off to bed we go.

Just another adventure in parenting for the McColemanClan