Family Road trip – Day 3 – We Arrive

I will continue by saying that once again, we left late 🙂 We got up nice and early this morning. Had a very quick visit with our friends, saw them off to school and work and we got onto the road at 8:30am, 30 minutes late I might add (I see a trend here)

I had been watching the weathernetwork and was expecting rain when we got into Chicago, a lot of rain too. What I wasn’t expecting is what we drove through for the first 60 to 90 minutes of our day. The rain came down in sheets. At one point you couldn’t see the guy in front of you.

We made it into Chicago and the Palmer House Hilton by 10:30am. This hotel is cute, they don’t have a loading/stopping zone. You can stop and drop off (only given seconds to do so) or you need to go and park somewhere.

I was already on edge from the drive and driving in downtown Chicago and wasn’t in the mood for this crap. We ended up trying to park but my prepaid parking didn’t allow me entrance until 11am, #parkingfail.

Sue jumped out and went into the hotel and registered for the conference, Eve and I found a cozy little stop a few blocks away and talked until 11am at which point I made my way to the hotel parking. Got the car parked and headed in.

Well, you can only imagine with 1000+ people showing up to a conference that the hotel was a zoo and trying to check in early was going to be a challenge. We got in, checked in, upgraded our room and then waited. They couldn’t give us the room yet but we were on a list.

We bumped into Sue, wandered around the building for a while, found some lunch and then Sue went back to the conference. Eve and I however, continued to goof around the hotel drawing comments by every passerby. I’ll say this, when she turns it on, she’s damn cute and hard to resist.


After 2 1/2 hours I tried my celphone only to find out I had no service and it was all hoosed up. So, I went back to the front desk and sheepishly asked if a room had opened up. Eve was starting to get tired and frankly, so was I.

We got our room!! Yay!! Unloaded the car, set up the pack and play, and well… the rest is history. I laid down for a minute and then the blog bug bit me and I’ve been typing for over an hour now and Eve has been sleeping for almost 90 minutes.

Next adventure… Dinner, and where to eat.

The Adventure continues…