Family Road Trip has come to an end

And life starts to get back to normal.

Home Sweet Home

The final leg of our trip was an eventful one. Sue hadn’t been feeling 100% since leaving Chicago. The initial diagnosis was that she was worn down and tired. As we left Michigan she couldn’t shake it and we stopped at Rite Aid to pick up something to help her along. By the time Niagara Falls hit, she was miserable.

We ended up cancelling our stop over in Peterborough and bombed down the 401, straight home. Two things were happening by this time, Sue was sick and I was getting a little stir crazy. The only solid person on the car ride home was Eve.


We ended up stopping about 4 times on the way back and really took our time. That being said, we left at 8:30am and ended up home by 4pm. We made great time.

I would say the trip was pretty successful if you ask me. We put 3149kms (1956 miles) on the car, and spent $185 on gas. That little car really does well on the highway. I couldn’t believe it when I sat down last night and calculated the milage. We couldn’t have made the trip any other way.

Now it’s time to plan our next big adventure. We’ve got a wedding in August, vacation time, the next RSA will be in New Orleans, which I am completely geeked about.

Then again, ever day with this tiny human seems to be an adventure. Watching her grow and learn continually amazes me.

The adventure…. continues


Family Road trip – Day 3 – We Arrive

I will continue by saying that once again, we left late 🙂 We got up nice and early this morning. Had a very quick visit with our friends, saw them off to school and work and we got onto the road at 8:30am, 30 minutes late I might add (I see a trend here)

I had been watching the weathernetwork and was expecting rain when we got into Chicago, a lot of rain too. What I wasn’t expecting is what we drove through for the first 60 to 90 minutes of our day. The rain came down in sheets. At one point you couldn’t see the guy in front of you.

We made it into Chicago and the Palmer House Hilton by 10:30am. This hotel is cute, they don’t have a loading/stopping zone. You can stop and drop off (only given seconds to do so) or you need to go and park somewhere.

I was already on edge from the drive and driving in downtown Chicago and wasn’t in the mood for this crap. We ended up trying to park but my prepaid parking didn’t allow me entrance until 11am, #parkingfail.

Sue jumped out and went into the hotel and registered for the conference, Eve and I found a cozy little stop a few blocks away and talked until 11am at which point I made my way to the hotel parking. Got the car parked and headed in.

Well, you can only imagine with 1000+ people showing up to a conference that the hotel was a zoo and trying to check in early was going to be a challenge. We got in, checked in, upgraded our room and then waited. They couldn’t give us the room yet but we were on a list.

We bumped into Sue, wandered around the building for a while, found some lunch and then Sue went back to the conference. Eve and I however, continued to goof around the hotel drawing comments by every passerby. I’ll say this, when she turns it on, she’s damn cute and hard to resist.


After 2 1/2 hours I tried my celphone only to find out I had no service and it was all hoosed up. So, I went back to the front desk and sheepishly asked if a room had opened up. Eve was starting to get tired and frankly, so was I.

We got our room!! Yay!! Unloaded the car, set up the pack and play, and well… the rest is history. I laid down for a minute and then the blog bug bit me and I’ve been typing for over an hour now and Eve has been sleeping for almost 90 minutes.

Next adventure… Dinner, and where to eat.

The Adventure continues…

Family Road trip – Day 2

Up and at ’em… Another early morning, which we got on the road 30 minutes later then I wanted too.

We got the car loaded and was on the road by 8:30am. Touched base with an old friend who told us that 5pm was good but 6pm would be a better arrival time. So, we aimed for 6pm. We crossed the boarder at Sarnia, Ontario and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous. You hear all these stories about people being turned away at the border for one reason or another and I didn’t need that happening to us. A co-worker looked me last week and said “Why are you stressing about this?? You are a white, chubby, Scotsman with a tiny wife and tiny human. You won’t have an issue”

So, we got to the border, pulled up, handed our passports to the border guard. She looked down, and like every other time I’ve ever crossed (knock on wood) Where you from? Where you going? For how long? and do you have any fruits or vegetables in the car??

That was it, and off we go on our merry way.

Driving through Michigan was beautiful. It was 15oC, the grass was green and it kind of felt like fall. Man o man it was warm. Again, we had the most wicked Tailwind, and did we ever make good time. Too good actually. GPS says arrival at 3:15, that’s 3 hours too early. We made so many stops. Our last stop was at this Rest Stop with green green grass, and a little park and we rolled around and just goofed off to kill time.

The one important thing that I learned immediately crossing into the US is that McDonalds is different. The employees told us that about a year ago they started to cook with Butter. You know what that means… Yup, No food for Eve. The only thing in the entire place she could have was the McNuggets. We really failed, next stop Meijers.

We got into Grand Haven pretty quick and we headed right over to the grocery store. Meijers was awesome. I walked in, stood, looked at Sue, opened my arms and said “I Love the US” LOL, to put this into context, I was looking at what Canadians would call The Beer store but in the middle of the grocery store. So… Much… Beer… Wow…

We picked up some pasta, PB&J and headed over to my old friends house.

We had a great visit. It was way to short, but it was great. He has an amazing family and we had fun talking with everyone and goofing around.

The Adventure continues…

Family Road trip – Day 1

Well, we made it, and no one died 🙂

We got out of the house an hour later then expected on Tuesday. Actually, more then an hour now that I think about it. 9:11am… so what, things didn’t start out as planned. I was a little cranky. We decided at the last minute NOT to travel through NY state, well, just because. So we bombed down the 401 and man o man, did we fly. At one point in the morning it said we were going to arrive at our destination at 3pm. That’s only 2 hours too early.

We stopped and at an Enroute for lunch and quickly realized our parenting fail. We had our coconut milk and snacks but nothing of an nutritional value. The Enroute consisted of the Marketplace, Tim Hortons and Burger King. The fail being, our daughter couldn’t eat at any of these places. After making friends with and having Eve woo the Tim Horton’s ladies we finally found that the vegetable soup was ok for her to eat. So, that along side a fruit cup from the Marketplace was lunch. We really dragged our feet and sat there for almost an hour.

After lunch we got back on the highway. It wasn’t long after that we hit Toronto. I HATE Toronto. The drivers in this city are so entitled and for some reason feel like the speed limit is a suggestion and not a law. All of a sudden I found myself in the lane next to the fast lane doing 140km/hr and that was just flowing with the traffic. There goes my hour lunch. We made up our time and sure enough, after 1 more quick break for gas ended up in Niagara Falls at 3pm.


It wasn’t all bad, because it gave us an opportunity to go and see the falls. I haven’t been down there in years and I kind of forgot how cool and massive they are.

After a quick stop at the Hard Rock to add to my collection of shot glasses we headed over to Sue’s family’s home. We had a great evening eating, catching up and playing cards.

I’ll say this about my daughter, she is a trooper. This was her first major road trip and we really didn’t know what to expect. 1300kms with a toddler could have gone very wrong, but she was rock solid the entire way. She played and sang and slept and was just a joy. I know, I know, I’ve jinxed myself now 😛

The adventure continues…

Aren’t kids fun

Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new about my daughter and for that matter, myself.

Dealing with her being sick over this past week allowed me to find out that children’s Gravol, which typically causes drowsiness, causes my daughter to become hyper. Have you ever seen, hyper, sick, and whiney all at the same time?? It’s not pleasant.

So, tonight was something new. I got home from work, and I wasn’t feeling well. I laid on the couch while dinner was served and half way through my daughter started bringing me glasses of water. Ahhh… so sweet…

Dinner quickly came to a close and turned on some music on my iPhone. Eve quickly decided that she needed to have my phone and we played (she played) a game of keep away. Now, this got old fast and she was getting frustrated. Did I mention that I was laying on the couch and she was climbing mount daddy and jumping off, over and over and over. Then it happened. As we were playing she, out of the blue, bit me. I was shocked, and it hurt.

I jumped up and had a million reactions run through my head. I ended up raising my voice and well, she fell to pieces. As I sat there, stunned, she ran upstairs to mom and I quickly followed.

I explained what had happened and we agreed that Eve had to apologize. In walks daddy’s pig headedness. For 45 minutes we worked her like a prisoner in an interrogation room. She wasn’t budging. There was no way that she was going to say sorry. So, without going into all the intimate details, she was put into her pjs and the evening was done until she was ready to apologize.

I ended up going out but at about the 90 minute mark my cellphone rang and there was my daughter (with my wife’s help) “I’m sorry Daddy”.

We won! I feel like this is only the first of many battles but I also feel confident that Sue and I were on the same page, and didn’t give in. We held our ground, and in the end, the apology was delivered and all was right in the world.

When I got home Sue came out and said Eve would like to see me for a moment; in the dark, she walked over and gave me a hug and again, said I’m sorry, I love you. The lump in my throat was so big, I just about burst into tears. Big hugs all around and off to bed we go.

Just another adventure in parenting for the McColemanClan