We must be doing something right

March break has come to an end. It was a full week of museums, movies, bowling, shopping and fun. Yesterday by request of my niece we went to visit great grandpa. She was very excited to see him and so was Eve. It was a short visit, but just enough time to keep him in the forefront of their memories.

Tonight during our bedtime routine, Eve decided to prayer for all her family… Aunts, Uncles, cousins and Nana. It was really sweet. Eve doesn’t like to go to bed on her own and well, good or bad, we indulge her and snuggle up until she falls asleep. This is usually the time where the deep sharing comes out to and tonight was no different.

She looks over at me and says “I miss Nanie” (My grandmother who past was last fall). She continues on and says, “I miss reading with her, and I miss talking to her”. Well, at this point I can feel the tears running down my face as I tell her how much I miss her too. Then she says, “I miss Grandmama. I miss playing with her on her iPad, and swimming with her.” My mother in law passed away about 2 months ago now.

Eve continued; Dad, I need to say a special prayer, is that ok? I told her yes… She made the sign of the cross (yes, we’re catholic) and started to pray. At this point I have a lump in my throat the size of a soft ball and can’t speak, and my eyes are burning with tears. She prayed for God to protect her Nanie and Grandmama, and asked God to keep them close and watch over them. At the end of her prayer she asked me if it was a good prayer, and I softly told her, yes.

She says, it’s ok dad… Nanie and Grandmama are in heaven and they are in my heart too, just like Jesus. I will never forget them.

It was this point where I hugged her so tight and hoped she didn’t notice how wet my face had become from the tears. This little person is 4 years old. Where at 4 do you get that kind of insight?? That kind of understanding? I’m blown away right now. I knew that I needed to scribble down my experience because, frankly, I’m still not sure it happened.

Eve has had 2 influential ladies in her life pass away by the age of 4 and I didn’t realize how much of an impact loosing her Great Grandmother and Grandmother would be.

I don’t know who learns more from who. I teach and guide my baby girl to be the person I want her to be, and she teaches me about having the faith of a child, so pure, so innocent.

We miss you Nanie, I think about you all the time. May you rest in peace. Nicole, you have left a huge hole in our lives and we think about you daily. May you rest in peace. We love you both!

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