Isn’t medicine interesting?

I’ve never felt so helpless then when my kids are sick. My oldest had a flu bug a couple months ago, actually it was at the beginning of September. It was the first time she was legitimately, hard core, sick. Since being sick she’s had this lingering cough that pops up and within the past week has reared it’s head in a big way.

She does not go more then a few minutes with out a coughing fit, and last night we asked her, “how are you?” Fine, “How’s your throat?” Fine, “Is it soar?” No. hahaha… Every question met with a quick one-word answer, giving us nothing to go on.

At twenty after six, as I sit on the couch with my youngest, she jumps up beside me, puts her head down and with in seconds, it snoring. Unreal! In one respect, it was great, I got to watch the six o’clock news in peace as the baby slept in my arms and the tiny human slept beside me.

About 7:15 hit and you can only guess what happened. Yup, I hit a wall. With two little furnaces cuddled on me, I didn’t stand a chance. The eyes got heavy and the next thing I knew it was almost 8 and the coughing started up again.

Now the baby’s awake and getting fussy, the tiny human is coughing up a blue streak and I’m loosing my mind. In the last week, I’ve purchased everything. Vicks toddler lollypop style cough drops, Vicks rub, Vicks vapo pads for the humidifier, etc… etc… (This portion of my blog is brought to you by VICKS! LOL)

So, I put the baby down and march the tiny human upstairs. I set her all up, and pray that she falls asleep. This took almost an hour, and she didn’t go down well. As I sat and watched her my heart broke and then I got angry at “the system”. There is so much advancement in medicine but they can’t figure out something to help a kid with a bad cold? It’s maddening.

I laughed as my wife walked in the door just before 9 and the first thing she says to me is “The house smells like Vicks” HAHA!

The evening ended with an hour of tv, a little Modern Family and Single Parents then off to bed for myself.


The adventure continues…

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