The first two weeks in the books

Two kids, I’ve now got two kids… I don’t really think it hit me right away. I think for me, it was speaking to people and referring to them as my kids, and not by name, if that makes any sense.

I can honestly say that it was a little overwhelming for me. You have a 3 year old vying for your affection and a newborn, well… just needing your attention and then my wife, who’s body needed to heal and all I wanted to do is make things easy for her. The first week for me was a little much. As much as I try and be “THE OAK” for the family, I did shut down a couple times.

Going into week three, I think we are getting a handle on things and finally starting to get a routine down. This of course was knocked off the rails on Thursday when Eve was supposed to start school and ended up with a flu bug. We have been very blessed in our family and Eve has never really been “sick”. She’s had the occasional head cold, and I’m not counting the allergy stuff. Having a fever for 3 days, throwing up and having no energy/appetite is new for her and you can see that she’s trying to work it out, but is having a tough time with it. So are we for that matter. It’s tough for me to watch my little girl suffer when all my instincts (right or wrong) are to try and make it all better. I’ve got friends in the medical field and I lean on one in particular and I’ve now coined her “Dr. Mom”. She is always so great, answering all my questions, and referring me to resources, and if she doesn’t know the answer, she checks with others on her ward and gets back to me. I’m very lucky that way, I told her this morning, if I didn’t have her I would be pissing off a lot of people in the ER at CHEO, because I wanted to go there last night after two days of this flu bug.

Now, I sit in a quiet house… the tiny human cuddled up and asleep on the couch with the cat, the tiniest human next to me in the bassinet sleeping away, making cooing noises every once and a while, my wife taking some well needed time to sleep and outside… A beautiful sunny, cool day which I would love to be out enjoying. I guess these are the “sacrifices” we make as parents, not always getting to do what you want to do.

So, I sit here, and watch them as they sleep, my two little angels, and I think about how blessed I am to have them both. All the windows and doors open, a beautiful cool breeze blowing threw the house.

What more could a man ask for?

The adventure continues…

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