The countdown continues…

We are now 2 days away from 40 weeks. I think we’re ready… I hope we’re ready… I feel more ready for #2 then I did for #1.

When Eve was announced we had no experience with raising kids, and as much as everyone offers you advice (solicited or unsolicited) you are never really ready in my opinion.

With Anna right around the corner we feel a little more confident. The room is prep’d the clothes (hand me downs) are all ready and washed. There are ample diapers (cloth and disposable) etc… etc… etc…

I remember saying this in a blog post 3 ½ years ago and I will forever shout it from the mountains. Woman are SO much stronger then men. Susanne is dealing with the pregnancy as best she can in the heat, but over the past 4 days she has done her darndest to start labour. She’s hit the black liquorish, raw pineapple, and having me order in suicide wings (which took her 3 sittings to finish due to the heat).

Saturday evening I even went as far as to drive out to a local place for their famous gelato.

This shop has a so called labour inducing gelato and well… it didn’t work. Haha! If Anna is anything like her sister she will come when she’s ready, and guess what, she isn’t due until the 22 so… that’s when she’ll make her entrance.

Today I start my 7 weeks of holidays and I actually hope she comes sooner then later just so that I can be here not only for her but for Susanne and Eve to help ease the transition.

It’s going to be a busy day, the house is spotless, the ducts in the house being cleaned today, and then off to the midwife for 1 last check up (we hope) before the big day.

The adventure continues…

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