I can’t believe she’s 3

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years.

3 years ago we moved into our little garden home, and welcomed this little blond bomber into our lives. Little did we know, our lives would never be the same.

Now, 3 years later, so much has changed. Our tiny human is very well spoken, loves to laugh, loves to joke around and play, and as of late, loves to test limits.

The newest news is that we are moving. We are back into home ownership. Moving a whole 3 blocks away. LOL! We’ve fallen in love with the neighbourhood, and the people around us.

I haven’t posted much over the past few months. I took my wife’s advice and decided to live my experiences and not document and photograph them all.

Our tiny human is growing up so fast and she is getting so smart. We continually battle her food allergies and we have such an amazing group of friends and family who really look out for her and try and make things easier for us, even when we tell them not to go out of their way.

It makes me proud when I hear a little voice in the midst of the madness of 10 other tiny humans asking “Is that dairy free??” As we continue to learn about food allergies, and teach her and the people around us, things become easier.

Our next big challenge is school. We are still on the fence with sending her off to school (Kindergarten) next year. We’re nervous, but it will all work out.

Why am I spouting all this after 6 months of nothing… ? I don’t really know. I miss blogging, and I miss sharing my experiences. I think it may be time to pick back up the camera, start blogging again and doing what I do best… have fun

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